LT001-Black Church “Madeline Blue” CS (Los Angeles)
A1. Storied Hallows Of Infinity
A2. Asleep Between Spheres
A3. Moon Shadow
B1. Collect Yourself Start Praying
B2. Remember Me Always
B3. Shepard Tone


LT002 – Kinit Her “As Magi” CS (Wisconsin)
A1. Blood Swords
A2. Telekinetic Calendar
A3. Sealed In Jade
B1. The Pillars Seed
B2. Shrouding Mystic
B3. Atavistic Demiurges


LT003 – Ectoplasm-Girls “Forever Nothing” CS (Sweden)
A1. Mama Put ME In A Pie
A2. Continuos Manifestations
A3. E-C-T-O-P-L-A-S-M-G-I-R-L-S
A4. Dvorek
A5. Ad’Ele
A6. Before It Gets Too Late To Begin
B1. I Is The Heart
B2. If Your Mother Asks
B3. This Is A Dream


LT004 – Foot Village “Friendship Nation” CS (Los Angeles)
A1. Urination
A2. Crow Call
A3. Protective Nourishment
A4. Narc Party
A5. Erecting The Wall Of Seperation
A6. 1998
B1. Materialist Crap
B2. Untitled
B3. P.N.(Big A Remix)
B4. N.P.(Silver Daggers Remix)
B5. 1998(Tussel Rmx)
B6. P.N.(Robedoor Remix)


LT005 – Black Church “Less You” CS (Los Angeles)
A1. Some Time
A2. Yours To Miss
A3. Easy Together
A4. Complete Discreet
A5. Big Beat
A6. Knee Deep, Fast Asleep
B1. Skull Core
B2. Salvation Island
B3. Tomorrows Secrets Today


LT006 – Kinit Her “Glyms Or Beame Of Radicall Truthes” CS (Wisconsin)
A1. Quadriga
A2. The Arc Of Acuity
A3. Hierophant Pentadrome
A4. The Fifth Refract
A5. Opal Empire
A6. Colossal Portal
A7. Topaz Of The Dead Giant
B1. Serpent’s Television
B2. Crypt Cathedral Shrine
B3. Rabbitdome
B4. Shy Taxes
B5. Falling Aeroliths


LT007 – Vum “Strange Attractor” CS (Los Angeles)
A1. Shadow In The Spotlight
A2. Mountain Tooth
A3. Grow A Horn
B1. Loosen The Jackals
B2. Marble Head
B3. Valence


LT008 – Pharoahs “Pharaohms/Haraohms” CS (Los Angeles)
A1. Pharaohms
A2. Haraohms
Featuring – Zombelle
B1. Cerebral Warface
B2. Circular Ruins


LT009 – Zombelle “Gurgle Beaste” CS (Los Angeles)
A1. Our Lady Redness, Lucretius In Drag
A2. Go To Her
A3. Epi Curious: Lights In The Night
A4. Paris As Seen Thru A Dead Man’s Eyes
A5. Do It Casanova
A6. Galerina Ballerina Tolling Amongst Corps De Ballet
B1. V Is For Vulture
B2. Four Minute Warning
B3. The Spectacular Egg
B4. You Are A Victim Of Ignorance


LT010 – Medio Mutante “Demos MMVII-MMVIII” CS (Austin)
A. Demos I
B. Demos II

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