LT001 - Black Church "Madeline Blue" CS (Los Angeles)

A1. Storied Hallows Of Infinity
A2. Asleep Between Spheres
A3. Moon Shadow
B1. Collect Yourself Start Praying
B2. Remember Me Always
B3. Shepard Tone

LT002 - Kinit Her "As Magi" CS (Wisconsin)

A1. Blood Swords
A2. Telekinetic Calendar
A3. Sealed In Jade
B1. The Pillars Seed
B2. Shrouding Mystic
B3. Atavistic Demiurges

LT003 - Ectoplasm-Girls "Forever Nothing" CS (Sweden)

A1. Mama Put ME In A Pie
A2. Continuos Manifestations
A3. E-C-T-O-P-L-A-S-M-G-I-R-L-S
A4. Dvorek
A5. Ad'Ele
A6. Before It Gets Too Late To Begin
B1. I Is The Heart
B2. If Your Mother Asks
B3. This Is A Dream

LT004 - Foot Village "Friendship Nation" CS (Los Angeles)

A1. Urination
A2. Crow Call
A3. Protective Nourishment
A4. Narc Party
A5. Erecting The Wall Of Seperation
A6. 1998
B1. Materialist Crap
B2. Untitled
B3. P.N.(Big A Remix)
B4. N.P.(Silver Daggers Remix)
B5. 1998(Tussel Rmx)
B6. P.N.(Robedoor Remix)

LT005 - Black Church "Less You" CS (Los Angeles)

A1. Some Time
A2. Yours To Miss
A3. Easy Together
A4. Complete Discreet
A5. Big Beat
A6. Knee Deep, Fast Asleep
B1. Skull Core
B2. Salvation Island
B3. Tomorrows Secrets Today

LT006 - Kinit Her "Glyms Or Beame Of Radicall Truthes" CS (Wisconsin)

A1. Quadriga
A2. The Arc Of Acuity
A3. Hierophant Pentadrome
A4. The Fifth Refract
A5. Opal Empire
A6. Colossal Portal
A7. Topaz Of The Dead Giant
B1. Serpent's Television
B2. Crypt Cathedral Shrine
B3. Rabbitdome
B4. Shy Taxes
B5. Falling Aeroliths

LT007 - Vum "Strange Attractor" CS (Los Angeles)

A1. Shadow In The Spotlight
A2. Mountain Tooth
A3. Grow A Horn
B1. Loosen The Jackals
B2. Marble Head
B3. Valence

LT008 - Pharoahs "Pharaohms/Haraohms" CS (Los Angeles)

A1. Pharaohms
A2. Haraohms
Featuring - Zombelle
B1. Cerebral Warface
B2. Circular Ruins

LT009 - Zombelle "Gurgle Beaste" CS (Los Angeles)

A1. Our Lady Redness, Lucretius In Drag
A2. Go To Her
A3. Epi Curious: Lights In The Night
A4. Paris As Seen Thru A Dead Man's Eyes
A5. Do It Casanova
A6. Galerina Ballerina Tolling Amongst Corps De Ballet
B1. V Is For Vulture
B2. Four Minute Warning
B3. The Spectacular Egg
B4. You Are A Victim Of Ignorance

LT010 - Medio Mutante "Demos MMVII-MMVIII" CS (Austin)

A. Demos I
B. Demos II

LT011 - Paint "The Optical Sounds of" CS (Los Angeles)

A1. In
A2. Better Daze
A3. No Werewolf
A4. I Feel OK
A5. Don't You Forget It
A6. One Way Track
A7. Yih Yih
B1. Untitled
B2. Mary Lou
B3. Endless Summer
B4. Off My Mind
B5. 200 Miles Away
B6. Out

LT012 - Mater Suspiria Vision "Crack Witch" CS (Germany)

A1.Call Of The Witches
A2. Evil House Of Forbidden Fruits
A3. House Of 7 Witches
A4. Wtxchs [A Suite Of Decay]
Featuring – Shazzula
B1. Trip 2012

LT013 - Black Church "Heel" CS (Los Angeles)

A1. Holiday Songs
A3. Sugar Down
A4. Ease Into Piece
A5. Mix In
B1. Black Birds
B2. Diamond Sleeve
B3. Fake
B4. Kalakasi

LT014 - Crypt Thing "Rotational Slumping" CS (England)

A1. Killer Psycho
A2. Cloud Fun
A3. Glue Stick
A4. Dead Eye
A5. Mushy Legs
A6. Chilli Eye
A7. Before That
A8. Hamarikyu Garden
B1. Brain Eaters
B2. Lady's Mountain Bike
B3. John Holmes
Featuring – Raw Moans
B4. Devil Child
B5. Michael
B6. Acid Blob
B7. Rotational Slumping

LT015 - Autumus "Nox Noctis Leo" CS (Russia)

A1. In The Snow
A2. Suicide (Not An Answer)
A3. You Want To Be There
Lyrics – Brittany LaClear
A4. Into Your Arms
A5. Fake Truth
B1. Same Night
B2. Relevant Romance
B3. Trees Remember
B4. Rage Waves
B5. Forget Your Face
B6. Down Below

LT016 - Epee du Bois "Open Water" CS (New York)

A1. Devided
A2. Bodies
A3. Marching Song
B1. Misery
B2. Ten Ways
B3. No Trees
B4. Untitled (Live)

LT017 - Videograve "Slum Electric" CS (New York)

A1. Harbinger
A2. Yerfukkked
A3. Voorhees
A4. This Is A Voice
A5. Collateral Murder
B1. Crash
B2. Mating Season
B3. No Dawn
B4. Hammerkillers
B5. Videoslave

LT018 - Neud Photo "Delires" CS (New York)

A1. Salvo
A2. Silent Cinema
A3. Archetype
A4. Goldmund
A5. Ad Infinitum
B1. Automatists
B2. Picnic 4 3
B3. Suite Mental
B4. Modulus
B5. Communique (Consort)

LT019 - S U R V I V E "LT019" CS (Austin)

A1. Untitled
A2. Live@KVRX 6/27/09
A3. White Clouds
A4. Untitled
B1. Song #2
B2. Untitled
B3. Dirge [Extended Demo]

LT020 - Mellow Grave "Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept" CS (New Zealand)

A1. Oxygen
A2. Melatonin
A3. Amphibian
A4. Burn One
A5. Wood Grain
B1. Raining Meth
B2. Merk That
B3. Don't Deliver Us
B4. Far Window

LT021 - Mater Suspiria Vision "Crack Witch" LP (Germany)

A1. Call Of The Witches
A2. Evil House Of Forbidden Fruits
A3. House Of 7 Witches
A4. Wtxchs [A Suite Of Decay]
Featuring – Shazzula
B1. Trip 2012

LT022 - Zombie Zombie "A Land for Renegades" CS (France)

A1. Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free
A2. I'm Afraid Of What's There
A3. A Land For Renegades
A4. Interlude
A5. What's Happening In The City?
A6. Jay Rules
B1. Before Night Falls
B2. Psychic Harmonia
B3. Texas Rangers
B4. Nightclubbing
B5. When I Scream You Scream

LT023 - Zombie Zombie "Plays John Carpenter" CS (France)

A1. The Bank Robbery [Taken From Escape From New York]
A2. Escape From L.A. [Main Theme]
A3. Assault On Precinct 13 [Main Theme]
B1. Halloween [Main Theme]
B2. The Thing [Main Theme]

LT024 - Strange Forces "Spores" CS (Australia)

A1. Intro
A2. Soul Window
A3. Fields Of Aaru
A4. Hungry Ghost Nation
B1. Liquid Sunlight
B2. Love Rust
B3. Drugs & Powers
B4. Shizer In The Shadows

LT025 - Crypt Thing "Rotational Slumping" LP (England)

A1. Acid Blob
A2. Perfume Girl's
A3. Lady's Mountain Bike
A4. Dead Eye
A5. Rotational Slumping
A6. Chilli Eye
A7. Michael
A8. John Holmes
Featuring – Raw Moans
B1. You've Got Mail RMX
Featuring – Raw Moans
B2. Angel's Delight
B3. Glue Stick
B4. Cloud Fun
B5. Mushy Legs
B6. Devil Child
B7. Hamarikyu Garden

LT026 - Mellow Grave "Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept" LP (New Zealand)

A1. Oxygen
A2. Melatonin
A3. Amphibian
A4. Burn One
A5. Wood Grain
B1. Raining Meth
B2. Merk That
B3. Don't Deliver Us
B4. Far Window

Click here to listen to Mellow Grave - Oxygen

LT027 - Estasy "Whitelaugh Blackcry'' CS (Italy)

A1. White Cry
A2. Domino Steps
A3. Wearhorses
A4. Garden Of Love
A5. Voivod
A6. Summer Of Luppi
B1. Blue Samba
B2. Ohdom
B3. Beastfriends
B4. Tynctura
B5. Vril
B6. Magikzaplakala (of Wagner)

LT028 - Fontän ''Winterhwila'' CS (France)

A1. Backustugu
A2. ...You Too
A3. Early Morning
A4. Neanderthaler
B1. Land Of The Dragon
B2. The Bridge
B3. Neon Snakes
B4. Nightrider

LT029 - VUM ''Night Sun'' CS (Los Angeles)

A1. Octagonal Church
A2. The Jungle
A3. Echo Mountain
A4. Illusions Only Is Sacred
A5. Marae
A6. Savage
A7. The Incandescent Tiger
B1. The Sliding Hour
B2. 18
B3. Strange God
B4. Mad Desires
B5. Holler Rain
B6. Remember Me

LT030 - Troller ''self titled'' CS (Austin)

A1. Milk
A2. _
A3. Tiger
A4. __
A5. Best
B1. Thirst
B2. ___
B3. Winter
B4. ____
B5. Peace Dream

LT031 - Hot Victory ''Triangulum Australe'' CS (Portland)

1. Zenith (Tablet II)
2. Ganon (Tablet III)
3. Hydrus Horologium (Tablet IV)
4. Vindemiatrix (Tablet V)
5. Asellus Primus (Tablet I)
6. Untitled
7. Cetus Circinus

LT032 - Perpetual Ritual ''Perpetual Flood'' CS (Seattle)

1. Every Word We Speak In Tongues
2. Bleed
3. Prayers To Invoke You
4. Hidden From The Sun
5. Bloody Mary
6. Gun In My Face
7. Perpetual Flood
8. Night Worship

LT033 - Blissed Out ''I'' CS (New York)

1. Intro
2. Midnight (With RITUALZ)
3. 4 3 2 1
4. Shotta
5. Onyx
6. Bang Bang
7. Burn
8. Outro


A1. Orgies Ecclésiastiques
A2. Tombeau Sacré
A3. Interlude
B1. La Peau Pourrissante
B2. Tombeau Maudit
B3. Nebula Blues


A1. Kingdom Come
A2. Beta Blocker
A3. Alpha Waves
B1. Streetwalk
B2. Killing Floor
B3. New Hope For The Dead

LT036 - Orties ‎ ''Sextape'' CS (France)

A1. Intro (Amour Amour)
A2. Plus Putes Que Toutes Les Putes
A3. Paris Pourri
A4. Soif De Toi
A5. Lucky Boy (Night Club)
A6. Panne De Courant/Piscine Noire
A7. Autotune Automne
B1. Autoroute
B2. Cheval Blanc
B3. J'ai Le Fun
B4. Les Fleurs Bleues à Paillettes
B5. Orgasm
B6. Outro


A1. Bad Guy
A2. DMT Featuring Thaddeus David
A3. Marvel
A4. Benjamin Segal
A5. Moor Gang Featuring Jarv Dee
A6. Burn Bridges
A7. Walkman
B1. Bad Breaks Featuring Jarv Dee
B2. Dynamite (Produced by Eric G)
B3. NumbNuts
B4. 100 G's Featuring Eighty4 Fly
B5. For The Glory
B6. Benjamin Segal (Blockhead Remix)
B7. Sweaters
Co-Produced by: Raised By Wolves


A1. Rammin'
A2. Phantom Of The Opera
A3. Lost Boys Feat. CENTURY
A4. Naked Lunch
A5. On A Bitch
A6. Tool Man
A7. Luca Brasi
B1. Tutankhamun
B2. Staring At The Sun
B3. Fight Bill
B4. Tree Tops
B5. I'm a Greek God
B6. Maintain
Co-Produced by: Raised By Wolves


A1. Bloody Murder
A2. Swap 'Em Out
A3. Haile Selassie (Produced by: Raised By Wolves)
A4. Mob Ties
A5. Tom Hanks (Produced by: Raised By Wolves)
A6. Kickin Out Windows
A7. 4th Of July Feat. Jeremy Cross (Produced by: Raised By Wolves)
B1. The Gods Don't Favor You
B2. Surf Nazis Must Die
B3. Scooby Snacks
B4. Public Enemy
B5. Villains In My Circle
B6. Joey Gallo


A1. Introduction
A2. Paracusia
A3. The Broken Mirror Of Suzanne Banyon
A4. Evil House Of Forbidden Fruits (Part 2)
Featuring – Prosymna
A5. Suspiria
B1. The Trip Garden Of El Diablo
B2. Trip 2013
Featuring [Voice Modifications Of] – Shivabel

LT 042 - Cold Name "Not In Love" CS (Japan)

A1. Chloe Will Repeat It In Berlin
A2. Isabelle's Black
A3. Buried Alive
A4. She's Filled With Secrets
B1. Intent To Kill
B2. Fear Of Sheryl
B3. Sacrifice

LT043 - Night Terror ''Night Terrors'' CS (Chicago)

A1. Forever(Extended Version)
A2. Putrefaction
A3. They Die
B1. Mutilate The Stillborn
B2. Abominable

LT044 - Lebanon Hanover ''The World Is Getting Colder'' CS (Germany)

A1. Die World
A2. Ice Cave
A3. No.1 Mafioso
A4. Sand
A5. Totally Tot
A6. Kunst
B1. Die World II
B2. _ 3:17
B3. Canibal
B4. Einhorn
B5. Sunderland

LT045 - Lebanon Hanover ''Why Not Just Be Solo'' CS (Germany)

A1. Saddest Smile
A2. A Very Good Life
A3. Albatross
A4. I'm A Reject
A5. Cadaverously Quaint
A6. Bring Your Own Wine
B1. Northern Lights
B2. No One Holds Hands
B3. Why Not Just Be Normal
B4. Somehow We'll Get Through This
B5. Avalanche

LT046 - ''MMIX TAPE'' CS (Austin)

1. 120V MMIX
2. 240V MMIX


A1. Climbing the Blue Pavilion
A2. In the Circles of Ether
A3. Shuyit
A4. Such Grotesque Music of Light
A5. Pale Hands
A6. A Certain Fire
A7. Satan
B1. Shepherd of the Owls
B2. A Blood-Red Rose of 49 Petals
B3. The Double Helix
B4. The Retinal Room
B5. The Wind Rears Up its Hind Legs
B6. You Wander Through
B7. Shepherd of the Owls


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