First Flesh – Zombie Rave vinyl 12”

The Zombie Rave mixes started appearing on Youtube a few years ago with instant fandom, hype and mystery attached. Druggy Chopped and Screwed editing of Cult films focusing mostly on European horror, the creator of these videos played with 90's rave music by giving them the self-described ''Zombie Rave'' treatment of slowing them down, enhancing the beats and coating with ominous melodies. The result is a dark dreamlike Rave mix that makes your body move with the weight of a dance floor full of water. But who was making this music? who was the culprit?

it remains a mystery to this day. Who Ha Ha...

A1. Moonlight Shadow - 5:56
A2. In My No Religion - 7:14
B1. House Of The Rising Sun - 7:36
B2. Posse - 5:45

Click here to listen to Zombie Rave - Moonlight Shadow

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LT025: Crypt Thing ”Rotational Slumping” LP

Synthesizer aglow in an empty discothèque, the air is thick with the sweet smell of sleaze and space dust. Maneuvering like a leisurely Patrick Cowley, but still with the dance moves, spellbinding like an euphoric memory. Listening to Crypt Thing is like getting that longing earnestness when you know its the last song before the lights come on.

A1 Acid Blob
A2 Perfume Girl's
A3 Lady's Mountain Bike
A4 Dead Eye
A5 Rotational Slumping
A6 Chilli Eye
A7 Michael
A8 John Holmes
B1 You've Got Mail RMX
B2 Angel's Delight
B3 Glue Stick
B4 Cloud Fun
B5 Mushy Legs
B6 Devil Child
B7 Hamarikyu Garden

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LT026: Mellow Grave ”Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept” LP


Aucklanders, Jordan Puryer and Adrian Bird formed Mellow Grave in early 2010 as an off-shoot of their band, 1995. They appear to have taken 1995’s more conventional Interpol / Joy Division rock and gone far underground. Well, six feet, at least. The vocals and guitars have slid into the ether and been hijacked by the ‘ghosts in the machine’, the glacial synths and hip-hop beats of what critics have dubbed Witch-House or Drag. But it would be unfair to tar Mellow Grave with the same brush as such Drag flag-bearers as SALEM.

Nonetheless, album openers, ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Melatonin’ suggest that Puryer and Bird are receiving less of either than is healthy. The industrial clatter of ‘Melatonin’ is especially crushing, but halfway through third track, ‘Amphibian’, the pace picks up - the beast literally drags itself out of the murk. An impression of Cold Cave, or a grim New Order fronted by Ian Curtis singing from the…er… grave… continues through ‘Burn One’, and there are even flashes of M83’s light in ‘Wood Grain’. ’Merk That’ is almost club-friendly, not a particularly friendly club perhaps, but I can imagine zombies throwing shapes in a dark, airless basement. Mellow Grave show us that they are capable of several shades of grey.

--- Under the Radar review by Justin Paul

Click here to listen to Mellow Grave - Oxygen

A1. Oxygen
A2. Melatonin
A3. Amphibian
A4. Burn One
A5. Wood Grain
B1. Raining Meth
B2. Merk That
B3. Don't Deliver Us
B4. Far Window

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