LT024: Strange Forces “Spores” CS

Their influences range from Spacerock to obscure New-Age Prophecies. It sounds like a black sanded beach below 20 suns. It’s mulitdimensional dark-surf, powered by Peyeote and driven by dark matter induced by their pineal gland. Strange Forces deliver a washed out Lo-Fi Psychedelic experience channeling organic and digital sounds from one swell to another. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES!

“Rattling, monstrous invocations of acid-rock breakdowns both mental and musical… Reverb soaked guitar flutters in the shadows of a tree lined clearing, shadows constantly profaned by the flames of some awful, ancient ritual at the clearing’s centre. Unimaginable colour shooting up into space from a cyclopean obelisk. The Old Ones would be proud.” —


A1. Intro
A2. Soul Window
A3. Fields Of Aaru
A4. Hungry Ghost Nation
B1. Liquid Sunlight
B2. Love Rust
B3. Drugs & Powers
B4. Shizer In The Shadows

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