LT025: Crypt Thing ”Rotational Slumping” LP

Synthesizer aglow in an empty discothèque, the air is thick with the sweet smell of sleaze and space dust. Maneuvering like a leisurely Patrick Cowley, but still with the dance moves, spellbinding like an euphoric memory. Listening to Crypt Thing is like getting that longing earnestness when you know its the last song before the lights come on.

A1 Acid Blob
A2 Perfume Girl's
A3 Lady's Mountain Bike
A4 Dead Eye
A5 Rotational Slumping
A6 Chilli Eye
A7 Michael
A8 John Holmes
B1 You've Got Mail RMX
B2 Angel's Delight
B3 Glue Stick
B4 Cloud Fun
B5 Mushy Legs
B6 Devil Child
B7 Hamarikyu Garden

Click here to listen to Crypt Thing - Perfume Girls

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