LT028: Fontän ”Winterhwila” CS

a Balearic kraut-disco odyssey. After a semi-ambient opening sequence on 'Backustugu' layering meandering electric guitar leads and softened up synth textures, along comes the more pronouncedly funked up '... You Too', which cruises along with Spandau Ballet basslines and slightly out of place slide guitar phrases, all set within a context of motorised discoid beats. Even better is 'Early Morning', whose dissolved vocals and rampant guitar soloing make for a classic case of something enormously cool arising from a convolution of several deeply uncool things. One for fans of cosmic-disco, prog and chart-bothering synth-funk alike, Winterhwila is a delight. -Boomkat


A1. Backustugu
A2. too
A3. Early Morning
A4. Neanderthaler
B1. Land Of The Dragon
B2. The Bridge
B3. Neon Snakes
B4. Nightrider

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