SUMMER BLOWOUT!!! [3 Pack] Videograve, Cold Name, Blissed Out

VIDEOGRAVE: (limited to 100)
A1. Hard Moonlight
A2. For You
A3. Carbon Threat
A4. Cobalt
A5. Night Cover
A6. Siamese Connection(w/Neud Photo)
B7. Strange Menagerie
B8. Christine
B9. Heat
B10. Hit, Lick, and Spit
B11. Marked For Death(wired for sex)

COLD NAME: (limited to 100)
A1. Chloe Will Repeat It In Berlin
A2. Isabelle's Black
A3. Buried Alive
A4. She's Filled With Secrets
B1. Intent To Kill
B2. Fear Of Sheryl
B3. Sacrifice

BLISSED OUT: (limited to 100)
1. Intro
2. Midnight (With RITUALZ)
3. 4 3 2 1
4. Shotta
5. Onyx
6. Bang Bang
7. Burn
8. Outro

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