First Flesh – Zombie Rave vinyl 12”

The Zombie Rave mixes started appearing on Youtube a few years ago with instant fandom, hype and mystery attached. Druggy Chopped and Screwed editing of Cult films focusing mostly on European horror, the creator of these videos played with 90's rave music by giving them the self-described ''Zombie Rave'' treatment of slowing them down, enhancing the beats and coating with ominous melodies. The result is a dark dreamlike Rave mix that makes your body move with the weight of a dance floor full of water. But who was making this music? who was the culprit?

it remains a mystery to this day. Who Ha Ha...

A1. Moonlight Shadow - 5:56
A2. In My No Religion - 7:14
B1. House Of The Rising Sun - 7:36
B2. Posse - 5:45

Click here to listen to Zombie Rave - Moonlight Shadow

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